New Options OA Brace




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New Options OA Brace

Product Description

The OA Brace is a pull-up, buttressed “soft” OA brace designed for mild to moderate levels of unicompartmental osteoarthritis. The buttressed sleeve aids in proper knee alignment, provides additional compression and is easy to apply correctly for older patients. Foam covered thigh and calf paddles and lock down straps provide rotational control without sacrificing comfort. The brace also has proximal and distal closures that enhance fitting for atypical OA patients. The OA’s “Ezy Hinge” provides OA relief with extension control. The hinge and brace design allows a right medial brace to convert to a left lateral brace and a left medial brace with convert to a right lateral to reduce inventory requirements. The lightweight, low profile design allows the brace to be worn under most clothing and easily accommodates the need for bilateral braces. Proudly made in America.

This brace also helps offload the pressure from medial or lateral meniscal injuries, making it a great sport brace for meniscus tears. Stabilizing the joint and offloading the torn cartilage will result in increased comfort and lower levels of pain.

New Option OA Brace